Spring Music Series

Ongoing | Saturdays | 6:30-9:30pm

Hotel Healdsburg Fireplace Lounge

Enjoy live Jazz in Hotel Healdsburg's Fireplace Lobby Lounge. The Spring Music Series features some of the region's best players performing an eclectic mix of Jazz with diverse influences - Cuban, gypsy, blues, Brazilian, jazz standards and more.
In partnership with Healdsburg Jazz,

Sono Musette Vintage French Jazz Revisited- Sono Musette recaptures the moody, melancholic sound and spirit of mid-twentieth century Paris. Mimi Pirard, Robert Lunceford, Jan Martinelli, Isaac Vandeveer and Richard Andrews.
Upright bass, piano, guitar, bass and drums
Luscious and electric Brazilian Jazz gems, familiar and new with the Stephanie Ozer Quartet with Masha Campagne, David Belove and Kendrick Freeman
Piano, vocals, bass and drums
MAY 04
Robb Fischer Trio with Parker Grant and Ron Marabuto
Piano, acoustic bass and drums
MAY 11
David Udolf Trio with Noah Schenker and Bryan Bowman
Piano, acoustic bass and drums
MAY 18
Anne Sajdera Trio with Aaron Germain and Robert Chapa
Piano, acoustic bass and drums
MAY 25
Stephanie Ozer Trio with Peter Barshay and Kendrick Freeman
Piano, acoustic bass and drums