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cloverdale loop

about this trip: About 4 to 4 1/2 hours at a moderate pace of 10 mph. This is a circular route riding narrow country roads. The route is suitable for active recreational riders.

distance: About 40 miles

notes: The route features narrow country roads with light traffic and several hills. West Dry Creek is a lovely road that takes you past several famous wineries and vineyards. It has some low-grade hills. Dutcher Creek is a long 3 percent grade with a good shoulder. Washington Street School Road has about 500 feet of gravel because it is a temporary summer crossing over the Russian River. This summer crossing closed during October. If you do this ride after summer, at Crocker, turn right at Asti Road, which parallels Highway 101. Interesting coffee shop called Breaking New Ground is at 212 N. Cloverdale Blvd.


  • Exit the property and head South (make a right) onto Healdsburg Ave.
  • Turn right on Mill and proceed west (go under the freeway).
  • Turn right on West Dry Creek Road and travel several miles before turning right at the Yoakim Bridge, left on Dry Creek, right on Ducher Creek/Cloverdale Boulevard, continue to coffee shop.
  • Take right on Cloverdale Boulevard, right on Third Street, right on Main Street, left on Crocker, right on River Road to end.
  • Right on Washington School Road (summer crossing).
  • Left on Asti/Geyserville Avenue.
  • Take right on Lytton Springs Road, left on Chiquita Road, right on Grove, then turn left on North Street.
  • Turn right on Healdsburg Ave – you will see h2hotel on you right side.