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geyserville loop

about this trip: About 3 to 3.5 hours at a moderate pace at 10 mph. This is a circular route through the vineyards.

distance: About 30 miles

notes: The terrain on West Dry Creek is very scenic with many famous wineries. Canyon Road is a slight grade with good shoulders. Alexander Valley Road is narrow with little or no shoulders. A stop at historic Jim Town is a treat...


  • Exit the property and head South (make a right) onto Healdsburg Ave.
  • Turn right on Mill and proceed west (go under the freeway), which becomes Westside Road after crossing the freeway.
  • Turn right on West Dry Creek Road and travel several miles before turning right at the Yoakim Bridge, and right on Dry Creek Road for a short jog.
  • Turn left on Canyon Road.
  • After crossing Highway 128, and left a few miles later on Geysers Road.
  • Turn right at Red Winery Road, right at Pine Flat Road and right on Highway 128 (Alexander Valley Road).
  • A couple miles after passing the Jimtown Store, turn right on Lytton Station Road, make a short left on Healdsburg Avenue, and quickly turn right on Lytton Springs Road.
  • Cross the railroad tracks and turn left on Chiquita road, a picturesque country road through rolling hills.
  • Turn right on Grove Street, then turn left on North Street.
  • Turn right on Healdsburg Ave – you will see h2hotel on you right side.