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healdsburg loop

about this trip: Through the vineyards of the Dry Creek Valley area. This is probably one of the most scenic routes for cycling in Sonoma County.

distance: 12 miles

notes: There is a 2.5- to 3-mile loop on Magnolia off Westside Road just past the freeway at the beginning of the ride that is quite scenic and totally flat. There is fairly light traffic on all roads except Dry Creek Road, which has a little more traffic. there are wide shoulders on this road though. The Dry Creek Store’s bar has restroom facilities available to patrons of the store...


  • Exit the property and head South (make a right) onto Healdsburg Ave.
  • Turn right on Mill and proceed west (go under the freeway).
  • Mill Street becomes Westside Road under the freeway. Continue on Westside Road.
  • Turn right onto West Dry Creek Road. Stay on this road for about 4 or 5 miles.
  • Turn right onto Lambert Bridge Road. At the intersection of Lambert Bridge Road and Dry Creek Road is the Dry Creek Road Store.
  • From the store turn left onto Dry Creek Road (if your’re on Lambert Bridge Road this would be a right-hand turn).
  • Stay on Dry Creek Road about 4 miles.
  • Go under the freeway then turn right at the signal at Grove Street.
  • Turn left on North Street then right on Healdsburg Ave – you will see h2hotel on you right side.