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vineyards loop

about this trip: Approximately 2 to 2-1/2 hours at a moderate pace at 10 mph. This is a circular route with rolling hills through vineyards and past wineries.

distance: Approximately 20 miles

notes: West Dry Creek Road is narrow with some motorists heading to and from wine tastings. On Dry Creek Road, you can stop at the Dry Creek Store, which dates from the 19th century. Route is suitable for families with older children and recreational riders.


  • Exit the property and head South (make a right) onto Healdsburg Ave.
  • Turn right on Mill and proceed west (go under the freeway). Route becomes Westside Road.
  • Take left on Kinley, right on Magnolia, which becomes Kinley again, left on Westside Road, right on West Dry Creek Road.
  • At the "Not a through road" sign, continue on about 2 miles to visit the Preston winery, where there is a picnic area and restrooms. Along with wine, Preston bakes fresh bread.
  • Return to intersection with Yoakim Bridge and take a left on Yoakim Bridge Road, right on Dry Creek Road.
  • Turn right on Grove Street.
  • Turn left on North Street then right on Healdsburg Ave – you will see h2hotel on you right side