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Thank you for considering h2hotel or Spoonbar for inclusion in your fundraising event.

Over the past decade, h2hotel has supported the Healdsburg Center for the Arts, the Healdsburg Boys & Girls Club, the Healdsburg Shared Ministries Food Pantry, The Healdsburg Animal Shelter, summer concerts in the Plaza, our local schools and the restoration of Foss Creek which runs behind the hotel, as well as many national and regional non-profit organizations. We are passionate about supporting our local community and where budget permits we’ll extend our giving to causes outside our area.

We ask that you fill out the information below, rather than mail us a request. We want to save you the cost of mailing, printing and cut down on the use of paper to protect our environment.

Please understand that we receive a large number of requests each month and cannot honor all of them. Donations are subject to availability, expire within one year and are not redeemable for cash. Completing this form does not guarantee your request will be honored, but we will make every attempt possible to fulfill your request. Thank you for your understanding.